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Recognized course.

The Vasco Medical was founded on 21 May 1991 and began supplying the Greek hospitals consumables cardiac devices. In February 1993 started cooperation with the Laerdal Medical.

The increase in sales until December 1994 was spectacular and February 23, 1995 Vasco Medical begins exclusive partnership with Laerdal Medical.

New collaboration.

From 2015 Vasco Medical promotes in Greek Market the skill trainers in surgery simulation of Medical-x.

  Certifications - International Collaborations

International Quality. .

The Company has a quality system ISO 9001:2008 and is active in placing educational and therapeutic products for Emergency of high technology.

Since January 2011 the company is registered as a supplier of NATO via NAMSA.


   The Educational Center

The Power to education.

Our company, knowing the problems in education in Emergency, created SimuLand, the first simulation training center with full technical equipment. By conducting educational seminars, including the use of simulation can be implemented trainings for health professionals and individuals.

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  36 Α Taxiarchon Str, Kalamaki

           TK 17455

   Tel:  +30 210 9834733

   Fax: +30 210 9847016


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