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Patient Simulators

Our patient simulators include a full range of patients, from infant to adult, and can be used in many learning environments.

Skills Simulators

Cutting-edge technological simulators that are cost-effective and time-efficient to teach and train clinical skills without risk to actual human patients.

ALS Manikins

Our product solutions include task trainers to help teach individual skills in ALS.

Patient Care Manikins

Manikins of Laerdal® realistically cover the full range of education in various schools of nursing.

CPR Manikins

Our CPR training solutions remains at the heart of our mission – helping save lives.

Obstetric Educational Products

Our portfolio products providing realistic and affordable training in maternal and newborn care.

Skills Trainers

From blood pressure and rhythm recognition, to central venous and vital signs training, we offer a complete portfolio of clinically accurate skills trainers for all.

Venous/Arterial Access

The Venous/Arterial Access portfolio offers a wide range of quality training solutions for students and instructors learning needs.

Therapy - First Aid

We offer a wide range of therapy products for Emergency as: Immobilization, Suction Units, Airway Management etc.


Our defibrillators enabling first aiders to respond with a life saving shock within the first 2 to 3 critical minutes when survival is so much more likely.

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